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GoogleyGareth thumbnail
GoogleyGareth You guys are the best. Love your style.
Josh Hart
Josh Hart thumbnail
Josh Hart Best Seacats record hands down Favorite track: Peace of Mind.
Daniel Kelly
Daniel Kelly thumbnail
Daniel Kelly This is the weirdest seacats album in my opinion. It's not as traditionally structured and thats because the josh and the other guy, knittles I think is his name, made the album on 8 track or some shit. Nonetheless, there's still a handful of actual songs here that are a lot slower and simpler than most SEACATS songs. I like it, just not as much as their fuller efforts. Favorite track: Anxiety (dumb things).
Jack Phelps
Jack Phelps thumbnail
Jack Phelps Awesome existential lyrics, and catchy tunes mixed in with some SEACATS brand comedy, one of my favourite albums of this year. Favorite track: Peace of Mind.
Zeke Rodriguez
Zeke Rodriguez thumbnail
Zeke Rodriguez These guys feel so genuine, Amazing album Favorite track: Liar.
Caroline Dowd
Caroline Dowd thumbnail
Caroline Dowd Got the cassette and I listen to it at least once a week. It's great. It's good. It's real good man Favorite track: Anxiety (dumb things).
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The new 11-track tape from SEACATS, out on Garbage Town Records

All songs were tracked on analog tape at home in Rose Valley between Dec. 2013 and Feb. 2014. In December Mike and I (Josh) started making a bunch of weird instrumental jams on his brand-new quarter-inch tape machine with no intention of ever releasing any of it. And then in February we recorded a bunch of songs in a week or two of frantic sessions before I left on a month long tour as merch guy w/ our good buds Special Explosion. Then we realized we had accidentally made a new album or EP or tape or something (it's 45 minutes long). We had so much fun making this tape thank you for checkin it.

These songs were previously released on the physical-only super exclusive release "The Box".


released August 22, 2014

Engineered, Mixed, and Produced by Mike Davis
at K’nittle’s Studios in Rose Valley (Kelso, WA)

All Songs performed by Mike + Josh Davis
except vocals/raps on track 10 by Harry Smith
flute on tracks 2, 3, and 8 by Hannah Schmidt
keyboard on tracks 4 and 9 by Justin Salisbury

Tracks 2, 4, 6 written by Josh Davis
Tracks 3, 8 written by Mike Davis
Track 10 written by Harry Smith + Mike Davis
All other tracks written by Mike + Josh Davis
Artwork by Jordan Cole
Keenan Variant (of 25) by Keenan





NW rock n roll's "FUNNY GUYZ" since '09

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Track Name: Intro (Live)
funny jokez
Track Name: Same (Wrong) Words // Moments
I have not been singing enough lately,
I think that’s plainly displayed on my psyche,
but it’s not my fault at all,
I was waiting for the right words,

Am I feeling lonely for you?
I don’t know what I’m feeling for you,
but I’m wondering if you are
waiting for these same words

And I would like to blame my father,
for making me uncomfortable in my own skin,
but it’s not his fault at all,
he was following the wrong words

And I was not a liar,
when I said that I would lie awake and wonder

Today I’ve been thinking impure thoughts,
things that I am not proud of,
jealous of all my friends,
and of all their new words,

but finally I found a new thought,
I wondered about it for days
until I reached some peace of mind
through all my new words,

and I wish I could hold onto them,
but just as quickly as I sing them,
that’s the same time I change my mind,
time for the new words

And I lost my mind,
just trying to find the right place and time

for me to waste my life w/ meaning,
where I can do the things that I love,
to do anything at all,
in search of my new words

‘cuz I was feeling like a loser,
for not gettin’ it together,
but I hope if I take my time,
I’ll find all the right words,

‘Cuz it is not enough to say it
when I can barely even fit this feeling
into my heart at all,
Oh I can’t say the words

and you were something unexpected,
and the way I felt for you surprised even me
and so when you turned it all off,
I was wondering if I ever was there,

when I look back at all my moments
of passion and emotion
I wonder if I said anything at all

I probably just mumbled and ran for the door
Track Name: Peace of Mind
I search for the peace of mind that my friends show off,
blank faces, blank faces

What if finding happiness if just contentness?
what if peace in the world is agreeing to accepting we know almost nothing about life?
what if time was nothing, and we were just stuck in a room?
with our friends, and nothing to do except find what we love, why we love, what is love?

I can’t be so sure about what I know,
but I sure would love to believe,

if I do well in this life,
god won’t send me to hell

‘cuz I sure don’t want to believe,
that my creator’s out to punish me

used to regret it all (white fedora)
spending my mom’s money on paintball,
but now I know it wasn’t for the worst,
‘cuz that’s when i discovered the weight of the world,
and I started thinking a little about the universe,

cuz we’re all just gonna die,
what if you found there’s nothing after?
and that’s why I just wanna be friends,
that’s why I just wanna be friends, ya know

She has more love for him than he does
Track Name: Anxiety (dumb things)
Maybe I’ll get smarter still,
and I’ll be a good person, and I won’t have to feel
the way my mind works all the time,
I’m always thinking

about all the dumb things,
all the dumb things I did

taking it further into myself,
my mind it cycles through every shame I’ve felt,
every mis-step in old conversations,
every feeling of love I’ve ever made known

every time that I’ve left myself vulnerable,
and every true emotion that I let show,
every mistake how I regret them so,
I wish I didn’t have to think of

all the dumb things I did

I am lost now, further and still
I never apologized for all the things I did
never told my friends just what they meant
I was too busy thinking about

all the dumb things I did

I want you to know I know
everything I’ve done
and I couldn’t be more ashamed of it
Track Name: Liar

oh I am a liar,
yeah, I’ll admit that I was just trying to get what I need(ed)
even when I got all that I waited for
I still have never been happy

I’m so embarrassed of what I am
but I don’t think I can be anything else
Track Name: Ryan
There is something to be said about the way we stopped loving each other,
I know that it was mostly my fault if you’ll hear me out,

I will tell you why I just plain stopped coming over,
if you’re listening to these words,
tell me you’re not so mad

I want you to know I miss you,
oh god please take me back to when Ryan was my best friend

sneaking out at 2 AM with pen camera and a slingshot
hoping that we could write our next big film for our sweet grandmas
but then you stopped going to my school,
we should have never lost contact,
your mom bought you more and more pills
and I wasn’t there to stop her,

I will never leave anyone the way that I left Ryan,
I would never have learned to create if it weren’t for Ryan

If you have kids don’t give them pills
Track Name: Same Cup
Same Cup

when I was younger I tried to wander
but I never understood how good it felt
to be rebellious against the ones who had control
so now I’m going at my own pace, feelin’ great

and damn it’s good to be alive
and ascribing to the love that we can make
we gotta take to the next level
we gotta break it through, embrace, revel,
one disheveled heavily impresses on the others
if they cover one another with a blanket technicolor

we be livin’ in some strange times,
gotta steal from the man just to get by
but there’s still a hand demanding us to step in line
fuckin’ mindless primal inept elitist guidance

so we stick it out, at least we still have dreams
so we may come out short but it still has meaning
neatly breeding sweetness, through self-treatment
weak limbs break free

easy, increasingly pleasing
to reasons, new seasons greeting
“being with completeness”
to reach this seems ridiculously far away

but it’s closer every day gotta let it rain, entertain
some struggle, pain
oooohhhhhh maayyyynnnee

when nobody’s weird, we’ll know were at home
we’ll drink from the same cup, we’ll tell what we hide

in visions we tether, we’ll weather our lives
and never feel effort to give to what’s right,

love, it’s the soul of the human race
key to my heart, go ahead and open up the gate
the one thing that bleeds honesty, plant the seed,
what I wanna see no more pain and suffering

you’re still young, I understand you’ve got faith,
but what if you found out everything you know is fake,
basing all your time on earth on the afterlife,
fuck man, it won’t matter if you’re not around

ashes spread to mist, all the opportunities missed
infinite darkness, you got no thick book to read,
stuck in limbo, feeling like such dumbo,
boy, wish you woulda found inner peace

just want you and I to live with an open heart
cuz hell, even I believe our souls go somewhere,
just think we need to find love in each other

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