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Tangle You can feel their feels Favorite track: Had it Made.
Nikole Clark
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Nikole Clark Seacats have and always will be one of my all time favorite bands...Catchy lyrics and upbeat melodies always make me remember their fun concerts at Minus World Favorite track: Minus World.
Taylor Driskell
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Taylor Driskell Has a cool sound and the vocals are great. Favorite track: Longer.
Daniel Kelly
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Daniel Kelly SEACATS are my favorite band. I thank TyTy from onyourcomputer for using your music in his videos, because this band kicks ass. This is Better than Weezer, and I'm wearing a weezer shirt right now. Favorite track: Longer.
Caroline Dowd
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Caroline Dowd this entire album just makes me want to live Favorite track: Lately.
D.P.O Productions
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D.P.O Productions Awesome band with a unique style. Favorite track: Wrecked.
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SEACATS' 2nd full-length LP, released through Fin Records.

The Davis boys are back, with a wonderful new album! Produced by legendary NW producer Steve Fisk, SEACATS' self-titled full-length is a coming of age tale from two young brothers. 18-year-old Mike Davis sings about his trials finishing his senior year of high school, not being the coolest guy in school, and not being able to finish his chores in time to watch his favorite show. 23-year-old Josh Davis’ songs cover these same three topics.


released October 15, 2013

Produced, Mixed, and Engineered by Steve Fisk
Mastered by Ed Brooks at RFI Mastering
Artwork by Jordan Cole
Photography by Keenan Calhoun, Jordan Cole, and Sears Photo
Wardrobe Recreation by Barbara Davis

This record was performed by:
Mike Davis, Josh Davis, Justin Salisbury, Harold Smith, Jordan Cole, Sebastien Deramat, Julian Ledgerwood, Andy Costello, Steve Fisk

Mike played drums on everything, Josh played bass on everything. Except "Minus World" which had guest bass and drums by robots. Most guitars were played by either Mike or Josh on their respective songs. Sebastien Deramat added sweet guitars on both "Zombie" and "Longer." Andy Costello added the buzzy bee guitar solo on "Had it Made." All good keys were played by Justin Salisbury, all bad keys by Josh and Mike. Steve Fisk provided classy (or cheesy) organ on "UR NEW BF." Lead vocals were performed by Mike and Josh on their respective songs, and sometimes they did harmonies on each others' songs too. Harold Smith provided emotional background vocals on many tracks. Julian Ledgerwood, Jordan Cole, Justin, Sebastien, Josh, and Mike all provided percussion and group vocals.



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NW rock n roll's "FUNNY GUYZ" since '09

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Track Name: Wrecked
I'm an unemotional wreck, I've got nothing in my head
I was trying to be cool, I was trying to be your friend
but you have always been fake, and discussions all just come up blank
stares and verbal abuse, is what I will expect from you

When I say that I love you, you know that it's true
but when I say I know what's best for you, you know that I do

So then we tried it some more, you let me in again
but sure enough we did it again, I don't think that I'll ever mend
and now I'm an emotional wreck, and I will not do that again
I won't try to stay cool, no I won't try to be your friend
Track Name: Firewood
Go home to your girl, pay the bills and lock the door
now check the news and try to find someone who died
go on make that trip, through the kitchen to the back fridge
to ease your mind, and take it off those unpleasant times

I'm so sorry, I don't spend my time chopping firewood
and I'm so sorry, I don't take pride in the size of my truck
and I'm so sorry, I don't take advice from him who's so close to me
and I'm so healthy, ‘cuz I don't listen to a word you say to me

don't change a thing, your life is perfect man
you've got everything that you could need
so slam your fist onto the table
and curse yourself for letting it go like this

your mind is an airport
where nothing, no one stays

I'm so angry, cuz you don't listen to a thing that I say to you
Track Name: Lately
The way I feel is underwater now
and I'm not saying that it's all your fault, but I want you to know
the things you do are orchestrated
and I wanna call and let you know but I know that I won't

but we both know the way these things will go
cuz I won't, no I won't find the strength to call you up and call you out, babyyyy

all my fears, they're running faster now
and they're saying that it's all my fault, but I want you to know
the way I feel, is self-deprecating now
and I wanna be alone and I wanna be somebody else, I do

but lately I've been floatin' ooohh
and lately I've been wonderin' just what day of the week it is
’cuz I really wanna stay at home
and I can't help but thinking that I may always stay this way
’cuz I know, I haven't changed a bit yeah I still know
that I won't, no I won't find the strength to call you up and call you out, baby oooohhhh
Track Name: Zombie
I followed you into all these bitter times, and I'm not sure just quite why I did
but now things have been the same for so long, will they ever change?
you say you've got it handled but you don't got nothing at all

but you won't be happy to change, yeah
oh I thought you'd know by now, but you don't somehow
and I always tried to explain it
in a way you'd understand, and I will be your man

but you said she'd been good to you, and you didn't know what to do
’cuz you didn't wanna look the fool

Is it just this place? Or have you really changed?
or maybe I don't know you quite that well at all
now you won't do a thing ‘cuz you're too tired, no you won't even try
so go ahead and act like these things mean nothing at all

you could have been anything that you wanted to be, anything but you won't even try

but I've still got things I could change myself
oh you'd think I'd know by now, but you're so stupid now
but I don't want to face it, I can't even take it, oh I don't want to face it, ya know
that I don't really care, somehow

We all try all the time to be anything but a waste
but half the time ya know, you're just wasting all your time
Track Name: UR NEW BF
Your new boyfriend, well he is so controlling
but to be fair, he's got his reasons to worry
we've got history, and I've got home field advantage
but I won't try a thing, ‘cuz you know I am a gentleman

So now we'll go on our pre-planned trip
all the boundaries of which are so clearly set
and I will try to act like I have moved on
and you can try to act like there is nothing going on

But we are in love again, if only for a minute or two
and I know this is probably the end, ’cuz now you just don't know what to do

so when you called me up, I was so confused
you told me all about, how hard it was to lose
the best thing you had, so I took those words
and they filled me up, and I said "Let's go around again"

But we are in love again, if only for a minute or two
and I know this is the end, but I know that it was worth it too
just to do what we both deserved to do, and to end it with love like we wanted to

If you sing it loud enough, then maybe it just might come true
Track Name: Had it Made
I made a mistake, because I always had it made
because I did not appreciate the things you did
I've spend a lot of time on it, and I think I wanted just a lonely life
I can't believe how long it took just to understand the extent of all the things I wasn't doing right

I wanna know, if I was ever happy at all?
because right now, I don't know, I can't remember

Now I've spent a lot of time on it
and I don't want to lead a lonely life
I spent the time and still I don't even understand
I wanna wake up in the morning and just feel alright

And I believe that it's true, that I just blamed it all all on you
my only defense, I was so depressed, and man I was so dumb

My dreams came true, and I always thought that the parts that needed you
would be filled when all these things came true, I did
I was wrong
and now I never wanted to live this long, without
Track Name: Minus World
Took a day to relax my soul
I drove down to Minus World
I could see it in their fingers
they were scared to death

but I didn't frown

When I was just like them, I spent so much time
trying to progress, I forgot to just stay still
it's all about the simple times, about doing what makes you happy
it's not about looking confident, because you really shouldn't have to try

long nights/creative thinking/productive youth
Track Name: We're Always Gonna Be Cool
Lately things have been going wrong for me and you
you have no idea what I have been through
It's been the hardest thing that I have ever had to do
and I know that there have been times when I have been cruel

But it's just that I loved you, and maybe I still do
but at times things have gotten twisted, and I haven't known what is true
but I know I feel a special way about you
and that is why me and you, we're always gonna be cool

and I'm not going further down this road, ’cuz words have only hurt us both
’cuz I've found I have a lack of self-control, when me and you are involved
so don't think that I don't miss you, ‘cuz that would never be true

it's just that I know that if you wanna go, I wanna go
’cuz I would never want to bring you down
but I still hope you won't/I know I was a child then, but I'm trying to be a better man
and I do think I'm finally starting to understand

I just wanted to let you know, that I still care about you
and that regardless of end result, there's still this thing that's true
I know I feel a special way about you
and that is why me and you, we're always gonna be cool
Track Name: Longer
I can't even begin to fathom what went wrong
inside my head, I waited way too long
and now you can be anything that you want
all because I never much tried to be what you want

now I know that love comes and goes like no other
but it's just that mine seems to stick around much longer
so now I'm trying hard just to keep myself together
’cuz it seems impossible now, but someday I will be out of this

and I know we both spent so much time
waiting for any sign of life in me at all
and now you can be anything that you want
and I do want to love you more, but I can't blame you for wanting to leave

I know that I'd always come and go as I wanted, but it's just that I didn't understand and now I'm haunted
so now I'm trying hard just to keep myself together
but it's just impossible now (It is impossible now)
Oh I know it's all gonna come and go, oh everything that I know
but I still wanna stay with you much longer
so now I'm trying hard just to show you how I'm better
but it is impossible now