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    The SEACATS’ new release “The Box” is a completely unprecedented statement in the digital music scene of 2014. As the rest of the musical world moves away from physical releases of any sort, the boys from SEACATS have once again taken a step backwards, simply releasing a box.

    Constructed from the highest-quality Home Depot brand balsa wood, spray-painted and nailed shut by hand, the box is literally the most DIY or DIE release ever to exist. It is a physical wooden box that will remain sealed until you get it home and somehow manage to pry it open. The Box contains many things, some of which are: all-new, exclusive, never-before-imagined SEACATS content, as well as AN ENTIRELY NEW SEACATS ALBUM.

    There will be an extremely short run (I’m guessing under 25 will be made EVER) of made-to-order boxes produced only during June, after which there will never be another copy made. If you want “The Box” there will be a limited quantity available at each of the SEACATS release shows in the month of June, and we will also be taking digital orders until the end of June.

    Which reminds me, here are the release shows, thus far:

    June 5th - Hometown release show in Kelso, WA @ Longview Eagles Club - w/ Itemfinder, Bud Bronson and the Good Timers, and Kings and Queen

    June 6th - Big wig Release show in Seattle, WA @ Vera Project - w/ Special Explosion, Creech, Alex G

    June 27th - Salem, OR @ The nest - w/ Woodburn Rocks, Psychic echo

    It's expensive because the materials are expensive. and unfortunately shipping is expensive because it's a wooden box. You will save a lot on shipping if you can make it to one of these shows.

    If you plan on purchasing one at one of the shows, it wouldn't hurt for you to email us to make sure we bring enough so you can be sure to get one. Also, email us if you have any questions about the box at

    Sorry, there is no international shipping because it would cost like $50. If you're crazy email us and maybe we can work something out.
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